Chemo cycle #4

i am supposed to get a total of 8 chemo cycles as treatment for my breast cancer. Last tuesday, june 9, 2105 my oncologist says i cannot have my chemo the next day because my bloodwork is not good. My white blood cell levels are way down. She said to give my body a week to recover some more. I panicked. She said to eat malunggay leaves, rest and eat a balanced diet. Lo behold…i got my CBC test results today and i passed! Yahoo! I get to go to my fourth cycle tomorrow. After tomorrow, i am half way to completion. Can’t wait….

Hello world! I have been diagnosed with breast cancer stage 3. I’d like to tell my story. Don’t worry…this is not going to be a sob story. It’s just an account of what happens to me as i go through my treatment…how i feel, what i find funny despite the struggle and maybe…i can help someone out there going through the same things i am:)

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